Château Castel La Rose

Located near the old church in Villeneuve (11th Century), which they say has one of the oldest bells in France, the vineyard extends over the hillsides of the AOC Côtes de Bourg region overlooking the Gironde estuary.

The Rémy Castel family, a family of independent wine-growers who live and work following nature’s rhythms with just one goal: to produce wines which combine power with elegance. 

Château Castel La Rose’s history is inextricable from the fates of a man and woman. In the 70s, they decided to market their bottled wine and began to canvass a particular clientele. Their risky choice at the start proved to be profitable, as 20 years later annual production reached 180,000 bottles a year from 26 hectares.

Today, everything is multiplied by 3:

• 3 characterful women: Catherine, Caroline and Amélie

• Owners of 3 château names,

• Covering 33 hectares,

• Over 3 different terroirs 

• Producing wines with the help of 3 grape varieties (merlot, cabernet and malbec).

Our philosophy

One of our main aims is to satisfy our customers. So it is important that we are involved in all stages of production.

Making high-quality and characterful products begins within the vineyard, so we pay particular attention here (soil testing, petiole testing and fertilising). Having used environmentally-friendly pest management and responsible practices since 1996, the vineyard is worked on with great rigour and respect for nature. At each main stage, we are surrounded by qualified and competent people to improve the quality of our products. It is with great pleasure that we present the fruits of a year’s work and growing. We share our successes with you, our failures and above all, our passion for wine. Château Castel La Rose is primarily a family who have come together around a terroir with the same shared passion. 

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